Monday, December 12, 2011

SCH 2011 Special Olympics

For the fourth year in a row, SCH has been invited to participate in the World Disabled Day Games (similar to Special Olympics). Two dozen children and young adults represented SCH this year and competed against students from Uma Manovikas School (for students with intellectual disabilities), Mother Theresa School for the Blind, and the local government School for the Deaf. Our kids had an awesome time!

 Our SCH kids also placed in several events and took home lots of prizes, including the following:

Senior Boys & Girls Musical Chairs: Levi (first) and Daniel (third)
Junior Boys & Girls Musical Chairs: Hannah (second) and Isaac (third)
Senior Boys Running: Daniel (second)
Junior Boys Running: Jason (third)
Junior Girls Running: Honor (first), Nora (second), Hannah (third)
Junior Boys Shotput: Santosh (third)
Senior Boys & Girls Long Jump: Daniel (first)
Junior Boys & Girls Long Jump: Jason (first) and Amanda (third)
Senior Boys & Girls Caroms: Wendy (first)
Junior Boys & Girls Caroms: Christopher (second)
Junior Boys & Girls Ball in the Bucket: Christina (first) and Judah (second)
Senior Boys & Girls Ball Throw: Levi (first)

Proud of everyone for giving it their very best!

Junior boys' division running. SCH kiddos in this heat: Jason, Judah, Christopher, Santosh, Isaac
Junior boys again a few seconds later. Jason's in the lead.

Junior girls' division running. SCH girls in this heat: Honor, Christina, Hannah, Nora, Alesa

Rachel being interviewed by a local TV channel
Senior boys getting ready for their running race. SCH boys in this lineup: Daniel, Jared, Jeremiah, Levi, Stephen
Levi competing at caroms!

Jared laughed and clapped for himself after every shot, regardless of the result. He had a great time.

Junior musical chairs. Our kiddos in this competition: Christopher, Nora, Hannah, Isaac


sandwichinwi said...

Just seeing this now. Super pics and description of the day. It sounds like a blast! Great job kids! (and Honor won 1st place in running! Fantastic!)


loveletters and snippets said...

I have recently stumbled upon this blog. You are all inspirational, it looks like everyone had a lovely day. :-) What treasures!


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