Monday, January 4, 2010

The "Sinner", the "Wicked One", and the Dove

One of our little girls at Victory Home was left at a temple with a note signed by both parents. Only they didn't sign their names; they signed "Papi" and "Dhrushthudu"--Mom signed as "Sinner" and Dad signed as "Wicked One." They wrote that they weren't sure what exactly it was that they'd done to deserve a child like their daughter, but they were sorry for it. By leaving her at the temple they were giving her back to the god or goddess and acknowledging that they had received the message: They were evil. The child was a curse.

It's all just a matter of perspective. The child's a darling. She's a delight. The "grandma" who cares for her treats her like a princess. She's a favorite of the house sister, Salomi, who changed her name from one signifying death and destruction to one meaning "dove." If this little one were to pass away, these two ladies would scream with grief. We would all grieve, but these two would be absolutely devastated. This little girl matters. She's worth investing in emotionally and in terms of time and resources. She's a blessing. From the beginning of human history, though, believing lies from the devil has opened the door to forces of death and destruction working in human lives. Parents have considerable spiritual authority in a child's life. What a child's parents believe about and speak over that child will affect the child's life in fundamental ways. Yemima is not a curse--she's a blessing, but Yemima was cursed. Just as the Lord has a plan for every child's life, so does the devil, and the devil was able to carry out, to a certain extent, his plan for her--damaging her brain, convincing her parents that she was a curse, giving her a cursed name, afflicting her with meningitis and malaria, making her physically uncomfortable...

But God...

The blood of Jesus is the only thing that can destroy curses. Jesus came to 'destroy the works of the devil." Now Yemima is in our care, and we have a certain amount of spiritual authority over her. We can agree with and speak the truth about her and we can see curses reversed and miracles begin to happen for her.

I'd like for two of you who feel moved for Yemima to sponsor her and also to remember her in your prayers and bless her whenever she comes to mind. When you get to heaven, if not before, she'll be able to speak and to thank you for helping to reverse the course of her life.

Anything we do in partnership with Jesus to destroy the works of the devil--in one child's life or in a region--is helping to make "[His] kingdom come, [His] will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Important stuff!

Download Yemima's profile here.

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We need two $75 sponsors to meet all Yemima's needs.

Bless you!


Lacinda said...

What a beautiful story--and a beautiful child. May Yemima's life continue to be a blessing.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a beautiful girl Yemima is! I am so sad to read about the culture that makes parents think their special needs kids are of a sin. How totally different than our thinking. Yemima is blessed to have you taking care of her now!

David and Sarah said...

Yemima is such a treasure! I'm so glad that she is with people who truly love her and see her for the blessings that she is!

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